30 Day Glow Up

30 Day Glow Up


Welcome to the Amber Flexx Squad...

This is the ultimate fitness challenge that focuses on your entire body, from head to toe. Helping you to progress and build up your fitness level whilst losing unwanted fat!
I've worked with my incredible trainers Ayesha and Keegan to create the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge to help you level up and glow on your fitness journey! In this 30 Day Challenge we’re going to be working out together, having fun and ultimately getting that GLOW!

These 20 minute workouts are simple and fun to follow with Amber and her AF Squad. You will be working a sweat and glow to achieve your goals. But make sure to take rest days too, these days are just as important to allow your body to recover. We all need and deserve some TLC!

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The password is GLOWUP2021 and download your Challenge Pack below and you are all set to get your GLOW and Level Up After Lockdown...

30 Day Glow up

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Our nutrition plan has been created by the highly respected TV dietician Jo Travers based upon the science of calorie deficit and following government guidelines for safe and effective weight loss.

On this plan you can expect to lose weight, tone up and look hot af in just 30 days by following the diet alone. Adding in the exercise will accelerate your fat loss.

It’s very simple to follow – women are allowed 1400 calories a day, men 1,900 calories.

All the breakfasts are 300 calories, lunches are 400 calories and dinners 500 calories. Snacks are either 200 calories or 100 calories.

So women should choose one each of the meals plus either one 200 cal snack or two 100 cal snacks. Men should add in either an extra dinner or lunch plus 1 snack to make up the extra calories.

Pregnant or breast feeding women should add in an extra 500 calories and always consult their doctors before starting . If your weight stalls, then you can cut out either one or both snacks.

*Make sure to download your challenge pack to recieve your very own meal plan for you to follow. Planning out your meals helps you to stay on track to getting that glow up!