6 Week Blast


Boxers in training burn more calories than any other sport – a staggering 800 an hour!
So our workouts are based on combat cardio – powerful kicking and punching moves to turn you into a fat burning machine!
These 20 minute burners are designed to turbo charge your body’s metabolism to get you in the fat burning zone super quick – AND they’re a blast to do!
So start with Workout 1 and do it AT LEAST 4 days a week. Then move on to Workout 2 and so on.
We have given you an extra 6 weeks FREE access to repeat the workouts.
PLUS we have also given you three FREE 20 minute workouts to super charge your weight loss.
We suggest you move on to them in Weeks 7, 8 & 9 and then mix and match for the final 3 weeks.

6 Week Blast

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How Does The Diet Work

Why The Diet Works

Calorie Deficits

Eating Out

Falling Off The Wagon

How To Handle Plateaus

6 Week Blast


This plan has been created by the highly respected TV dietician Jo Travers based upon the science of calorie deficit and following government guidelines for safe and effective weight loss.

On this plan you can expect to lose up to a stone in 6 weeks by following the diet alone. Adding in the exercise will accelerate your fat loss. It’s very simple to follow – women are allowed 1400 calories a day, men 1,900 calories.
All the breakfasts are 300 calories, lunches are 400 calories and dinners 500 calories.
Snacks are either 200 calories or 100 calories.
So women should choose one each of the meals plus either one 200 cal snack or two 100 cal snacks.
Men should add in either an extra dinner or lunch plus 1 snack to make up the extra calories.
Pregnant or breast feeding women should add in an extra 500 calories and always consult their doctors before starting . If your weight stalls, then you can cut out either one or both snacks.